Shinya Yamamoto

Dr. Shinya Yamamoto



Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine

D.V.M., University of Tokyo, Japan, 2005
Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine, 2012
Postdoc, Baylor College of Medicine, 2012-13

Cell-cell communication in development and disease; Notch and Dopamine signaling

We are interested in identifying novel genes that regulate cell-cell communication in development and in the mature nervous system. Our current focus is on Notch signaling and Dopamine signaling.

Through forward genetics in Drosophila, we are identifying a number of genes that regulate these two signaling pathways. In collaboration with human genetics labs at BCM, we are taking a step forward to identify patients that carry variants in our genes of interest to identify new human disease genes.

Selected Publications

Yamamoto S*, Charng WL*, Bellen HJ (2010) Endocytosis and intracellular trafficking of Notch and its ligands. Current Topics in Developmental Biology  92:165-200. (*equal contribution)

Giagtzoglou N*, Yamamoto S*, Zitserman D, Graves HK, Schulze KL, Wang H, Klein H, Roegiers F, Bellen HJ (2012) dEHBP1 controls exocytosis and recycling of Delta during asymmetric divisions. Journal of Cell Biology 196:65-83. (*equal contribution)

Yamamoto S, Charng WL, Rana NA, Kakuda S, Jaiswal M, Bayat V, Xiong B, Zhang K, Sandoval H, David G, Wang H, Haltiwanger RS, Bellen HJ (2012) A mutation in EGF repeat-8 of Notch discriminates between Serrate/Jagged and Delta family ligands. Science 338:1229-1232.

Xiong B, Bayat V, Jaiswal M, Zhang K, Sandoval H, Charng W-L, Li TC, David G, Duraine L, Lin YQ, Neely GG, Yamamoto S, Bellen HJ (2012) Crag is a GEF for Rab11 required for rhodopsin trafficking and maintenance of adult photoreceptor cells. PLoS Biology 10:e1001438.

Zhang K, Li Z, Jaiswal M, Bayat V, Xiong B, Sandoval H, Charng WL, David G, Haueter C, Yamamoto S, Graham BH, Bellen HJ (2013) The C8ORF38 homologue Sicily is a cytosolic chaperone for a mitochondrial complex I subunit. Journal of Cell Biology 200:807-820.

Giagtzoglou N, Li T Yamamoto S, Bellen HJ (2013) Drosophila EHBP1 regulates Scabrous secretion during Notch-mediated lateral inhibition. Journal of Cell Science 126:3686-3696.

Yamamoto S, Bayat V, Bellen HJ, Tan C (2013) Protein phosphatase 1ß limits ring canal constriction during Drosophila germline cyst formation. PLoS One 8:e70502.

Charng WL, Yamamoto S, Jaiswal M, Bayat V, Xiong B, Zhang K, Sandoval H, David G, Gibbs S, Lu HC, Chen K, Giagtzoglou N, Bellen HJ (2014) Drosophila Tempura, a novel protein prenyltransferase α subunit, regulates Notch signaling via Rab1 and Rab11. PLoS Biology 12:e1001777.

Charng WL, Yamamoto S, Bellen HJ (2014) Shared mechanisms between Drosophila peripheral nervous system development and human neurodegenerative diseases. Current Opinion in Neurobiology 27C:158-164.

Wang S, Tan KL, Agosto MA, Xiong B, Yamamoto S, Sandoval H, Jaiswal M, Bayat V, Zhang K, Charng WL, David G, Duraine L, Venkatachalam K, Wensel TG, Bellen HJ (2014) The retromer complex is required for rhodopsin recycling and its loss leads to photoreceptor degeneration. PLoS Biology 12:e1001847.

Yamamoto S, Seto ES (2014) Dopamine dynamics and signaling in Drosophila: an overview of genes, drugs and behavioral paradigms. Experimental Animals 63:107-119.

Contact Information

Shinya Yamamoto, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Department of Molecular and Human Genetics
Baylor College of Medicine
1250 Moursund St. – NRI, Suite N1150
Houston, Texas 77030, U.S.A.

Tel: (832) 824-8750

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